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Your qualifications

We work as a team of specialists that lays claim to belonging to the top of the market in IP. To enable us to satisfy these high professional demands, you will have an above-average qualification in law and may also already have a doctorate or have qualified as an attorney-at-law or alternatively have an LL.M. We particularly welcome an additional technical qualification for applicants for the patent sector. Very good English language skills are naturally also essential for our work. 

Trainees and interns should be able to demonstrate very good high-school graduation results together with above-average college marks. We do not yet expect any experience in the IP sector - however, you should have a healthy curiosity about everything to do with demanding legal consultation and representation in all aspects of intangible assets.

We place just as much importance on your potential to become a legal personality as on your excellent working results. For attorneys-at-law, this also means a keen interest in resolving disputes and conflicts. You will later be taking over a lot of responsibility for your clients and you should already show a high degree of responsibility, the capability to make decisions and the skill to work at your own responsibility. 

You should be able to communicate well with your clients and colleagues and they must be able to rely on you. And finally, you should also use and enjoy your free time outside the office  - for your family, friends, sports, culture or whatever else you do to relax.