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Your perspective

Every successful partner in our firm started their career with Lorenz Seidler Gossel as a junior member - usually as their first job. We pursue a successful firm model with a long tradition and are always interested in offering promising young colleagues the chance to use us as their "stepping stone" to their personal success. You learn from the best - for your future. 

Join a team and feel at home

We ensure that our juniors always play an active part in our daily business. This means that as a career entrant, optionally also starting as a trainee, you will not only draft preparatory memorandums, but will also prepare briefs which will actually be filed with the court or with the office - after a professional check by an experienced partner. You will have contact with our clients as soon as you start work.  You will sign your own briefs and will be available to answer client queries. You will quickly learn to work at your own responsibility. 

The best prospects for your name

At Lorenz Seidler Gossel you have a real opportunity to become a partner. We are not looking for legal drudges, but for ambitious attorneys who want to act as entrepreneurs in the profession. We can provide a stable and reliable structure for this. The same partners who decide on your job application will also later evaluate your partnership perspective. The only measure will be your professional work and your social and communication skills - not a specific quota or the guidelines of a central firm office. 

A fertile soil for legal personalities

We will promote your professional development through continuous further education and training. This will above all include working closely with one partner as a mentor. You will never just be one associate among many - your talents will rather be specifically fostered. 
We feel that it is important not just to teach you the craft of being an attorney. We want to provide you with the groundwork for a well-rounded legal personality. You will learn the strategic approach required for complex briefs, solution-oriented thinking and adroitness in communication with clients, judges and opponents. You will apply your expertise and your increasing practical wealth of experience every day in your work for the client. You will undergo a personal and professional development - into a successful attorney with a style all of your own.

More than just a pleasant atmosphere

Our attorneys are supported by a team of around 70 ancillary staff. It is thanks to their commitment that we can work successfully as a powerful unit for many famous companies. Our junior attorneys can also have a dedicated secretariat available to them after a short time. They profit from an extensive range of the latest working equipment (including access to all the relevant databases, books, journals, etc.). 
Lorenz Seidler Gossel has undergone continuous growth since its founding - and no partner has ever left the firm. One reason for this is a core firm culture based on mutual respect and harmony which acts as a support for every member of the firm.  
We have created a professional atmosphere at our office in Widenmayerstrasse which promotes concentration and is equally conducive to a professional and personal exchange among colleagues, for example during lunch events or on joint outings outside the office.

Boutique with a major effect

Why don't we grow even more? Because we find the present size of our firm convenient and also see a clear competitive edge in it. As a powerful unit, we enjoy a more personal contact with our clients, we can offer a more cost-effective structure thanks to lower overheads and we can work as autonomously as we can effectively.